Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Untouched Earth After Heavy Rain

After heavy rain the dirt roads become soft and rutted. Then the work begins for the county road crews. After a thorough grading the smooth road is invited my footprints. I love to be the first to step on the fresh, clean surface. I noticed that I am not the only one to step in the soft wet smoothness. I followed the tracks of a coyote for nearly a mile. I passed many tracks of cottontail rabbits hopping along. I got to see the tail imprints and long hind legs of kangaroo rats. Cats crossed in several places and birds delicate imprints followed them. Later, there were dozens of antelope tracks moving from prairie to field. A quarter mile down- I saw hoof prints of them returning to the prairie. One can never take for granted the smooth road after the storm. It is a highway to more than vehicles. You never know who had come before.

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