Monday, April 27, 2009

Birding Humor

How can you find so much fun in a yellow school bus? Out to look for birds we bundle up for the morning chill. The windows begin to fog and viewing becomes a challenge. Off goes the heater and the bus clears but not the mind. Early morning humor is light-hearted banter and sometimes unintentional.

Quotable quotes include descriptions of where the Burrowing Owl is standing in the field. "It's near the prairie dog mound."..."Which prairie dog mound?"
"That's a prickly pear."
"It's on the sandy patch to the left, but it's behind stuff. You can't see it now."
"Now, he's at about 11:30 from that cow pie."... "There are only about 300 cow pies!"
"It's on that light mound out there, in front of the lone brown horse."..."Which horse?"..."Look for the owl and you'll know which horse."
"To the left of the windmill, in front of that pine tree. Way out there."..."I can't see it in the binoculars."..."Oh, there it is, it just flew off."

Later in the day at the lake it is time for snacks in the bus. "Do you have any chocolate?"..."I'll take a granola bar, cause there aren't any donuts."

"Look at that! What is that?"..."It's a bush."..."No, there was a bird there before."

"I'll give you a dollar to eat this." (It was a dead bullfrog tadpole.)
"I'll give you a dollar to move the bus out into the field." (Bus driver was at the restroom.)

A fun day for birds and a lot of one dollar bets. Many puns and much laughter for all. A great bunch of folks to spend a day with. Quick wits, vivid descriptions, vague directions, patient bus drivers, and fabulous birds.

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