Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mountain Plover Flying High

I spent the evening working in the garden and found it a relaxing pastime. Especially when off in the distance the Mountain Plover kept me entertained with an arial show. The loud raucous call always preceded the flight high into the air. Silhouetted against the setting sun the plover climbed. Checking the wind it careened toward the ground. It appeared to be more of a falcon's stoop than a plover winging across the sky. Over and over it repeated this scene. If birds can experience the joy of flight, then this certainly was joy. I marked my progress in the garden by the call that came about every five minutes. First I saw it display to the West, then it continued to the South, for almost two hours I enjoyed this spectacle. I have heard of the Plover's flight display during mating season. They call it the "falling leaf "display. I'm not certain that I saw this, but will continue to watch in anticipation. As the sun set the bird called less, and ceased to display. The intermittent show was something to remember always.

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