Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prairie Poetry

Reflections on Sunrise

Tongues of flaming fire
poured over tiers of smoky clouds-
each wave spread across
the ripples of the sky.

Morning had broken and
spread as wine on the vaulted ceiling.
Calmly, slowly, it spread its many fingers
to the far reaches of the horizon.

Nothing seemed beyond its reach,
yet, as wave gave way to wave,
the cloven march brightened,
then faded into after thought.

My heart warmed by the touch of God’s outreached hands.
I felt His arms of safety surround me like a red flannel blanket.
He let me free-only the afterglow remained, ever painted in my heart.

Plover Lover
October 24, 2008

While watching the rain soak and nourish everything. I reflected back on the changes that so quickly come and go across the prairie. I have experienced some incredible scenes in our wild, wide open spaces. The running antelope in full out expression. The swirling snow blocking out the sun. The wind cutting into soil and polishing each object too set in its' ways to move. The sun, a ball of fire sitting on the prairie grass. The hoot of the owls, and call of cranes, the rising songs of meadowlarks, the constant lilt of horned larks, and plantive cry of phoebes. Towering clouds as black as night charge through, followed by sails of white in the great blue sky. The heavy rains- pouring waterfalls onto the dry thirsty earth. Choosing one place and laughing at another. Landscapes as brown as paper sacs, wrinkled and torn. Green as far as eye can see, pushing up after rain. Multicolored swatches of blooming wildflowers springing up as far as the prairie itself. In this harsh defiant land even the beauty defies the imagination. Spend some time and find out what a day can bring. It penetrates people- as down to earth as the living things bold enough to live here.

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