Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birds Active-Weather Beautiful

This mornings' walk yielded a few new birds to the spring arrival list. Chipping Sparrows were seen in many trees and fence rows. The electronic sounds of this years first Northern Mockingbird were heard long before I saw it. I stood and watched for several minutes. It was fun to hear all of the songs imitated. I expect to hear many more in the coming weeks. One lonely Lark Sparrow was also seen in the trees adjacent to an abandoned house. On the way home I saw the angular wings and flight pattern of a Mountain Plover pass in front of me. I had my camera and took a few photos. They are quite distant, but still good for my first permanent record of them. In the fields near my home I heard a first Savannah Sparrow as well. The plover festival is nearly upon us. I am excited for the school week to end a to get into the field. I hope to see some of you here in Karval.

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