Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Morning Concert

My early morning walks continue to unveil new sights and sounds. In the predawn hours when one expects silence. I am awed by the intense volume of birds singing vespers. A huge chorus of Horned Larks create an excitement for others birds to join in. Soon the Burrowing Owls hoot, hoot away with them. Next, I hear the throaty sounds of the Mountain Plover with their own sincopated rhythm. In counterpoint the Say's Phoebe sings the descant. The warblings of Robins and cooing of doves tie the morning symphony together in a wonderous morning concert. The closer to sunrise it gets the quieter everything becomes. A new set of birds awaken and sing a new song. The common songs of town birds, House Sparrows, House finches, Starlings, Grackles, Collared Doves, and yet, the resonating songs hang in the air from the previous concert. Maybe late comers singing familiar songs as they go about their day.

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