Monday, August 31, 2009

Five Mile Falcons

It has been a rare treat to see a pair of Peregrine Falcons on county road S. Over the past two weeks, one then the other has positioned itself on the power pole five miles west of Karval. I never expected to see one - let alone two. I first saw the female with her dark head and brownish back. I thought it was a Prairie Falcon, more common in the area. I stopped to see her as she looked around and slowly lifted her wings in flight.

Then last week, I saw on the same pole what I thought was the same bird. When I got the car near and stopped, I could tell it was a male Peregrine Falcon - the black medieval mask dark against the white of the breast. I watched for several minutes before he took flight over the fields. The long, pointed wings - powerful like a jet fighter. I made a return to take a photo yesterday, and as would be expected, they were not there. However, I can still see them imprinted in my mind. Another amazing bird has been added to my Karval list.

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