Thursday, January 5, 2017

Remembering Karval

I have never forgotten my time with the wonderful people from Karval. A piece of my heart remains in the community. We had a cold front move through the desert where I live now that reminded me of Karval. So I wrote a poem to add to this wonderful site.

West Desert Silence
The moon laid in winters' white blanket
drifting silently off to sleep.
Still cold air crept in and hushed my very breath.

Invisible droplets chilled to the bone - frozen in place -
protested as they thrust crystalline daggers into the air.
A miniature army standing erect on limb and wire.
Each stood as sentinel grouped ever closer in frigid clumps.

Reflected light glistened from every surface -
now shrouded in frost -
sparkling diamonds glinted and jumped to life across the ground
perfectly beautiful, dressed in intricate lace.

All quiet, I moved across the desert filled with wonder.
Nothing to interrupt my thoughts.
The peaceful cold, calm and penetrating,
yet, powerful and moving -
drew me forward, 
grateful, I pause to feel its magic.
M.P.C. January 3, 2017 
Thanks you to all who inspired me to write. For all my friends in Karval I miss you.