Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farwell to karval

I wanted to express a sincere thanks to all who have helped me and my family. We have made some wonderful friends and grown so much. I have experienced the wonders of the short grass prairie. I photographed birds and scenic beauty. All I can say is the prairie is a vast open space filled with life and tremendous opportunities. So as I leave the community I have loved my time here and will take a small part of Karval with me. Some of it may have blown to New Mexico ahead of me.

So as I prepare to disconnect my computer for now. I say thank-you. Until we meet again.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Peach of a Tree

The wonders of Karval are still amazing me - as I sat early in the morning enjoying the cool breezes coming in the window. My attention was constantly drawn to the peach tree. It seemed to be alive with movement. Patiently, I waited for some clue as to the identity of the bird in there. After a short time, other visitors came to add to the tree. At one point, there were five unusual ornaments and a couple of flashing lights to boot.

Have you ever seen a Logger-head Shrike
as it shoots across the yard?
A black, gray, and white comet
flashed before me- what a sight!

A pinwheel of alternating shades
in stark contrast to each other
perched the little masked bandit,
ready to take breakfast.

Constantly, positions changed.
Racers burst forth in a flash of stripes
from fence to tree to bush then grass.
The peach tree made a nice pit stop
while cruising in and out of the yard.

Astonished, I watched
as four others joined the first-
a family in formal attire

Blood-orange heads moved among the branches-
black wings with bold white patches.
Another morning friend greeted my weary eyes.
Yellow, orange bolted from the leaves.

On the fence he stopped - then the fiery meteor halted,
safely back in the tree.
Orioles moved about as mobile fruit on the tree.
One never knows what gift awaits just outside the door,
but I know the Giver of it.