Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Sometimes Think of Clouds

As I drove home from church in Limon, I saw the very kind of clouds that bring me back to times in childhood where I would lie on my back and pretend I saw mythical creatures and even some common barnyard friends. I longed for the past, or at least a present with warm sun on my face, cool grass on my back, and a gentle breeze to carry my thoughts as high as the clouds. A couple of years ago, I wrote this poem after watching the clouds. You may need to use your imagination and float into my magical world.


Opalescent ice sculptures stood massive,
a power greater than themselves, concealed,
beautified and intensified by white hot edges.
I entered

I drifted through random figures
each soft frosted surface evolved,
intricate crystallized subtleties,
hanging from the blue tiles

milk flowed like fog spilled on the floor
ever changed,
works of art shattered by a thought,
melted by inattention

I touched hard lines of castles,
soft folds of fleece,
plump cheeks, round noses,
and angular sails,

a tree, a bird, a rabbit, a lion
carved deeply in ice
I floated by them,

the cotton candy scent drew me
nearer the boiling cold collection
amid the shifting menagerie
I saw a litter of kittens
tumble in the indigo paint

shades deepened, gray, mauve, azure, cobalt
the colors of the stormy sea
white capped edges,
foam and spume erupted over each piece

lying on my back warm in the sun
time ceased
one artist after another displayed their wares
towering toward the grassy jade sky

I looked down on them all and smiled
the sky prickled my back
I jumped down, content to know
I can visit again tomorrow

Plover Lover
July 21, 2007

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Photos

Color Me Blue

Sometimes You Just Have To Stand Alone
Cactus Blossom - Wow
Butter, Eggs,or Summer Sun - I love the color

I would like to share some of the summer's favorite photos. Many are the wonders of this particularly wet summer. The green held throughout and brought on billions of bugs and bushels of blooms. Some might call them weeds, but they are nevertheless beautiful. Yes, they make me sneeze, too. Hope you enjoy some of my summer fun. By the way, did you see the clouds today? Well, that is a tale for later in the week.

Burrowing Owl

Rough-Legged Hawk
Mail Run Before the Storm
Artistic Welding at the Bucklen Ranch
Silhouettes Against the Storm
Bull Snake, Blow Snake, Gopher Snake
Lord of the Pasture

A Thrasher by any other name would still be Brown.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fox News

In order to prepare for a youth trek this summer, my wife and I took time each morning to walk and get in shape. We went south of our place and followed the dirt road for 3-5 miles. It was wonderful to see the birds and flowers emerge along the side of the road.

We took our baby along in the stroller and really enjoyed the time to talk and see what we could see. Some days, we saw the local birds in their favorite hang-outs. Sometimes, the horses would come across the field to greet us. On one special occasion, we saw a swift fox.

No, when we got closer it was more than one. We had lucked into a whole family. They were out there sunning themselves. We sat and watched them for a time - so much for getting in shape. I finally climbed over the fence and slowly approached.

Every few steps, I stopped and took a couple of pictures. The foxes didn’t seem to mind me, so they let me approach. The adults disappeared into the burrow, but the kits stayed to eye me curiously - until I got about 30 feet away. I was so caught up in this that I failed to get the really great shots. It was more fun to watch them crouched low, or sprawled out, or occasionally leap into the air after a grasshopper. Their huge golden eyes were captivating to watch. Being the smallest of the fox family, they appeared more cat-like than anything. They have no flowing red coat, but are still amazing creatures to interact with.

We saw them grow up over the next few weeks and then finally came the day when none of them were seen at the den. We missed seeing them on our walks. Maybe next year.

I wrote this posting in July and forgot to get it published on line. It was such an unusual experience to get so close and see the innocence of youth. No fear existed and the behavior seen was so personal. Our families met and shared a brief moment.