Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Photos

Color Me Blue

Sometimes You Just Have To Stand Alone
Cactus Blossom - Wow
Butter, Eggs,or Summer Sun - I love the color

I would like to share some of the summer's favorite photos. Many are the wonders of this particularly wet summer. The green held throughout and brought on billions of bugs and bushels of blooms. Some might call them weeds, but they are nevertheless beautiful. Yes, they make me sneeze, too. Hope you enjoy some of my summer fun. By the way, did you see the clouds today? Well, that is a tale for later in the week.

Burrowing Owl

Rough-Legged Hawk
Mail Run Before the Storm
Artistic Welding at the Bucklen Ranch
Silhouettes Against the Storm
Bull Snake, Blow Snake, Gopher Snake
Lord of the Pasture

A Thrasher by any other name would still be Brown.

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  1. Wow! You have so many really great pictures. I'm proud of you.