Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Marks the Gathering of Birds

Well, everyone it has been too long since I have posted anything. It has been an event-filled summer. I must say I spent a lot of time recapturing my garden from the weeds. I left on several short trips and no one told the weeds to wait for me to get back.

We are now back in school- and busy is the operative word. So now the weeds are trying to gain ground again. We love the fresh produce and have enjoyed the corn finally ready to be slathered with butter and devoured. The beans and beets are now taking a back seat.

Every time we enter the garden the birds leave in small flocks. As the evenings cool and the days shorten, the birds begin to gather for the migration south. Congregating Lark Buntings are crowding the fence wires. Many large groups of Robins are in the neighborhood trees. In some of the rain-filled lowlands, small groups of shore birds are arriving. Some of the early immature birds getting a head start. Families of Swainson’s Hawks have taken rows of power poles. Burrowing Owls are still overseeing their favorite haunts.

All of the rains have greened up the prairie and have given Prairie Dogs a new place to establish homes. Fields of ripening corn and sunflowers are thick with birds hiding out. The ever changing farmlands are still drawing my attention. A photo in the morning light can’t capture the mood of sunrise on a field of sunflowers or the sun creeping up greeting a new day.

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