Monday, August 31, 2009

Distant Thunder

We have had quite a summer of rains. Out here on the prairie when it rains, it pours, and usually it doesn’t rain. Over the past few weeks the weather radio sounded the alarm - Severe weather warning in Southern Lincoln County - Thunder storm alert with possible tornado sightings. The bands of storms tore through the area and carried with them some impressive hail. Damage by the large hail stones marked the storms’ paths. On one such evening, we watched the storms, with nearly constant lightning, passed to the south. At the same time, another storm crashed through to the north. We wondered, “Will we have a garden in the morning?” To our delight we were spared damage all summer. Corn fields destroyed to the north are evidence of the fury.

An artist’s brush could never have captured the lightning displayed so many times this summer. The variety of colors reflected in the clouds…the intensity of light blinded us for a time..the lightning bolts like claws tearing the fabric of the sky…the distant rumble of thunder almost soothing, followed by the thunder so close it shook the earth like a passing freight train. Power this great reminded me that I am not in control. There was fear in the storm, but also beauty, wonder, and awe.

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