Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coyote Chorus

I love to lie back and close my eyes
when listening to beautiful music.
The subtle harmonies and
running lines intertwined,
soothe my mind and transport me
with each wafted note.

The sounds of nature feel, smell, and taste
like a distant symphony-
the reeling song of coyotes
circling around some unseen campfire,
joined in tribal pow wow.
Quiet at first, a woman’s throaty cry
rises in joyful expression
followed by men and children
not to be outdone.

One, then another voice adds
counterpoint, harmony, dissonance - each gives
vitality and sincerity to what I hear.
Their fur-covered heads, thrown skyward,
releases a heart full of sound.
Ears like feathers erect in the moonlight.
“Come join me - Gather in my circle,”
as family around a piano.
“Sing this song.” “Do you know… ?”
Sing until every familiar tune is exhausted.
Make your own harmony, descant,
and aria. Sing out of sheer pleasure!

This is the coyote chorus.
Any may listen… or none,
for they sing for themselves.
I lean back, close my eyes, and listen.

Plover Lover – October 2009

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